Kasia is a Zurich based artist and architect. She was drawing all her life, but started to exhibit her drawings and illustrate for magazines only in 2010. Before that she was focusing on architecture only, working independently and in various in architectural offices, including Herzog & de Meuron. Currently she is running her own practice and teaching, along with her free work and commissions in drawing and photography.

Like in every fairytale world, in Kasia's work human and beasts are equal, and live the same emotions. Drawings are often accompanied by popular pop-song quotes, building the bridge to situations we've all been in.

She exhibited her work off-off-space with mARTin a. de Zurich, in Kunsthalle Basel, Haus für Kunst Uri and at Hauptmann & Kampa gallery, Zurich. Illustrated for Schweizer Familie, Annabelle, Diogenes Magazin, Gaga, Nivea and others.

You can buy tees with her drawings at desartistes.org, postcards are available at petiteposte.com.

For business inquiries, jobs, collaborations, to say hello or visit atelier in Zurich please write in German, English, Polish or basic French: info@jackowska.ch.